Five Year Access Plan 2010 - 2015

That a resource such as the Hobson Foundation's Naxos Study Centre be accessible to all, regardless of background, is more critical than ever as we increasingly focus on the importance of education in shaping the future of our civilization. Our Five Year Access Plan will address a particular social injustice by enabling teachers and students from the state/maintained sector of education to benefit from a visit to the Naxos Study Centre.

The Hobson Foundation intends to raise € 500,000 which will be entirely used to fund study courses for teachers and students of Classical subjects from UK state/maintained schools and colleges.*

€ 16,000 provides transport from England, transport in Naxos, board and lodging at the Naxos Study Centre, tuition costs and facilities for 10 students and 2 teachers over ten days.

The Hobson Foundation Study Centre will initially be resourced to accommodate six groups a year. In order to make full grants, where necessary, to teachers and their groups the Foundation must be able to access up to € 96,000 a year.

€80,000 funds one group for each of the five years.

A donation of any part of this or more will be appreciated.

With your help the Hobson Foundation can offer the considerable benefits of study abroad programmes in Classical Civilization to teachers and students from the state/maintained sector who have previously been denied such an opportunity due to lack of money or resources.

In classical times Euergesia was the providing of personal resources for the public benefit of one's community; it was considered commendable and afforded prestige. Please consider becoming a Euergetes of the Hobson Foundation.

Your donation will enable us:
- To fund with immediate effect study courses in Naxos for the five years beginning 2010.
- To develop communication networks with schools and related institutions so that we are able to reach as wide an audience as possible.

All Euergetai will receive an annual report on the Foundation's activities and progress. Your name will be listed on the Foundation's website and in material printed and circulated during the period of the Five Year Access Plan.

The names of Euergetai who contribute € 16,000 or over will be inscribed on Naxian marble in the grounds of the Naxos Study Centre in perpetuity. You will also receive a letter and report from a group whose visit to the Study Centre has been enabled by your donation.

When all pay their share,
the burden is light.
Dio Chrysostom

* While groups from independent schools and colleges are welcomed at the Naxos Study Centre, the Foundation is unable to provide funding for them under the banner of the Five Year Access Plan.
The Hobson Foundation - Charity No. 1085122