Courses of Study

Andrew Hobson works closely with teachers visiting the Study Centre, offering his professional experience, local knowledge and deep commitment to educational ideals to assist them in developing the best possible course of study, tailored to the particular needs of each group of students.

Teaching sessions might concentrate on language skills in ancient Greek and Latin, whether for complete beginners or students at varying levels of advancement. Other groups may prefer to focus on the intellectual traditions represented by ancient texts in translation, or the legacy of the Classical World as it is embodied in material artefacts. They might read and perform plays, at the Study Centre or even against the backdrop of a sanctuary of Dionysius, the patron deity of the theatre, a short walk from the Centre. The influence of Venice, the Ottoman Empire, the tragic and heroic history of modern Greece, all make excellent topics of study; students might fruitfully engage in the study of ancient religion and the historical and spiritual development of Orthodoxy and Catholicism, both of which coexist on the island to this day.

In all of these pursuits visiting teachers, aided not only by the Hobson Foundation's staff but also by local guides and lecturers, are able to draw upon a rich local environment. Students are brought into direct contact with agricultural and geological aspects of the landscape, and visit ancient sites on Naxos and the surrounding islands. The marble quarries of Naxos are among the most famous from antiquity and still operate; emery has been mined on the eastern side of Naxos for well over two thousand years. Wonderful walks through unspoilt countryside and villages to temples, castles, monasteries, Byzantine churches and unfinished statuary provide course leaders with further opportunities to bring their teaching to life.

Recreational activities such as sailing, climbing, swimming, walking and concerts in the local area only serve to enhance the educational advantages offered by the Hobson Foundation, reinforcing important co-operative bonds between teachers and their groups.

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